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About Us

Our History

We started our business in 2004 working primarily with defense contractors in aviation.  Over time, we began performing electrical modifications and installations on military aircraft and tanks and eventually incorporated building small harnesses and cables for sub-contractors into our services. Most of our work was performed on site until 2007. We are now serving the community thru a youth mentoring and training program, designed to introduce young adults and teens to the field of aviation. The "  Apprenticeship Program for Aviation " serves to prepare youth for introductions and practical application positions in aviation. 

Our Mission
  • Manufacture Quality Products

  • Provide excellent Customer Service and Common Sense Solutions

  • Pay it forward:  Provide comprehensive educational programs to develop quality technicians for AAE and the Aerospace community as a whole

Our Vision

At AAE, we aim to manufacture quality products - meeting both the practical and financial needs of any customer.  By educating and developing trained technicians,  AAE strives to employ advanced specialists and contribute to the Aerospace community for years to come. 

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